Photo of Walmart mobile app

Digital Channel Strategy

Drive growth through native apps, social channels, and B2C platforms – with clear objectives and approaches for each. We’ve built successful digital strategies for the world’s largest retailers – let us help you win in every channel.

Store-Based Fulfillment

Physical stores become world-class fulfillment centers with the right approach. We design and implement online fulfillment at scale through strategy, technology and smart operating models.

Woman fulfilling online shopping orders

In Store Digitization

Use digital product design to remove friction from your store experience, while improving customer intelligence. We’ve developed some of the world’s most successful digital products for in store use: let’s digitize your experience together.

Customer Data Strategy

Create truly defendable competitive advantage through customer data. We will help you design a data foundation and begin your machine-learning deployment to create a personalized future for your customer.

Mother and child looking at items in store

Organizational Design for Digital

Maintain your core while creating a digital flywheel to accelerate growth. Start with the right org design and incentives.

Concept Incubation and Launch

Identify your future growth engines and create the space for success. We are ready to help you identify, build and launch your next growth initiative.